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Our Goal: To Make You Extraordinarily Successful, and As Wealthy As You Want To Be, With Our Cutting Edge Products In the Booming Natural Health Industry. Partner With Us For Success!

There are several ways you can partner with us. Click on the most applicable category below to your business and let's get started!

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Why Should You Partner With Life Miracle?

Our business opportunity is quite unique. We offer some of the highest profit margins for businesses in the healthcare industry. Our products are sourced and manufactured with the highest possible quality, so you can feel comfortable in the knowledge you are representing outstanding products to your customers. The products are, in most cases, one of a kind and are specifically designed to mitigate the most serious health and environmental problems we are now facing. 

The healthcare industry is growing and expanding at a breakneck pace. It is currently 16% of the USA's GDP and is expected to rise to 20% within the next decade. With the massive "Baby Boomer" generation beginning to retire, healthcare will continue to rise to unprecedented levels. We are positioned as a strong and effective alternative to many conventional health treatments, and each year more and more people are turning to natural medicine as they lose faith and become more disenfranchised with conventional allopathic care. Finally, you can feel good about representing our products. Every product you sell will make a significant difference in that customer's life. Our mission is to reach and help as many people as possible with our unique natural solutions and leave the world a little better than the way we found it.

n addition, we believe that being a good human being, as well as being a good company, is good business. As a business, we believe we must pay close attention to the world around us and discover what people really need, and meet that need. We have tried to do that since we first opened our doors back in 1996, and have worked hard to create real solutions that have a lasting and significant impact on society as a whole.  wholesale products

A business partnership with Life Miracle is not just about making money, it is a way to benefit people and change the world. Our goal is nothing less than to change the world for the better, and on as large a scale as we possibly can. If you share that vision, we want you and your organization to be a part of that.

Life Miracle® Wholesale Distributor Opportunity

If you have a distribution channel that sells consumer products via the internet, television, radio, retail or other marketing medium, and are looking for new and cutting edge products to sell, we would like to hear from you. Life Miracle Products is seeking new distributors nationally and internationally for marketing our unique line of American health products. Each of our products present tremendous market value and appeal, and will generate a vast new profit center for your company. We are very customer driven and easy to work with, offer excellent profit margins and are completely committed to the success of our distributors. Call or email us today and tell us about yourself and your business, the product(s) you are most interested in and your planned method(s) of marketing. We will respond to you and show you how to get involved.


Life Miracle® Laundry System:

What if there was a laundry product that could help protect your family's skin and respiratory health, possibly lengthen the life of your clothing, and potentially save hundreds of dollars in annual laundry detergent costs?

The laundry detergent industry is a $21 Billion dollar per year business. It is considered a necessity like the food and clothing industries. To make a million dollar a year business out of the Life Miracle® Laundry System for your organization, you would only have to do One-Twenty One Thousandth (that's 1/21,000) of the business the detergent companies do in one year. It is a huge industry with almost unheard of room for growth. The Laundry System is also unique to market because the target audience is unusually large.

Literally EVERY household does some sort of laundry cleaning, therefore EVERY household in the United States and internationally is your target audience. It is very rare to find a product with this type of mass market appeal and potential.

NanoTowels® - The Permanent Paper Towel:

NanoTowels® - The NanoTowel is a revolutionary new fabric technology that dramatically reduces the need for expensive paper towels and toxic cleaning chemicals in your home, and saves you hundreds of dollars per year while also saving your family’s health and the environment. The NanoTowels® provide significant household savings, dramatically benefits the health of you and your family, are much easier and more convenient to use, will actually clean better than toxic chemicals, and represents a revolution for the environment.

LiquiVive® Liquid Nutritional Supplements

The nutritional supplement industry exceeds $40 Billion dollars annually.  Everyone needs to take vitamin and mineral supplements, as it is rare in this busy world to find anyone getting all the nutrition they need solely from their diet. Though many people take nutritional supplements, almost all of the supplements on the market are in pill or tablet form which limits nutritional assimilation. Liquids are the future of nutrition because of their ease of use, convenience, and especially because they provide 500% to 1000% higher assimilation than with pills. In addition,

LiquiVive contains 211+ nutrients. By far the highest concentration of nutrition of any product on the market--liquid or non-liquid. This product promises a new paradigm in a major industry that you can capitalize on right now, and we can supply you with the finest nutritional supplement available anywhere at any price.

CleanseX® Detox and Cleansing Supplement:

CleanseX® is a breakthrough new "clean cleanse" detox and weight loss product that provides many benefits in one formulation for the three critical stages for safe and effective detoxification.* It is designed to gently cleanse your body of toxins and waste as you naturally lose extra waste pounds.

LiquiVive® Liquid Collagen Protein:

Collagen is the second most abundant substance in the human body, and after age 30, we begin to lose collagen at a rate of at least 1% annually. Collagen supplementation may be an effective method to support weight loss, strong bone and connective tissue and improvements in skin, hair and nails appearance. It may also help to support an increased metabolism and a firm, toned and more youthful looking body – as well as help improve skin elasticity and joint function.

LiquiVive® Liquid Collagen Protein utilizes Colizyme®, a proprietary pure liquid collagen protein that is predigested by papain, a fruit enzyme, creating a hydrolysate for fast and complete assimilation by the body.

SmokeRx® Smoker's Support Program:

60 million Americans smoke, and at any given time, more than half of them are trying to quit. Our program sells because it helps people, plain and simple. One kit costs less than a carton of cigarettes in many states, and it addresses the most vital health crisis of our time. Smoking is the #1 preventable cause of sickness and death worldwide. It is our goal to help as many people as possible to alleviate this devastating and destructive addiction. SmokeRx meets a desperate need in the marketplace for smokers seeking help in their efforts to quit.*

Life Miracle® Dryer System:

The all natural and chemical-free way to dry your clothes. Another “green” product that provides a high Return On Investment for the end user. The Dryer System will help soften clothes in the dryer without chemicals, as well as provide significant energy savings. Petrochemical based dryer sheets and/or liquid fabric softeners are used in virtually every household in America. Their cost can easily exceed $100 annually. But significant cost savings come from saving 25% of the energy to run the dryer cycle. The Dryer System units assist the heated air to circulate more efficiently through the clothes, and help them to dry much faster. This could help a household save hundreds more every year.*

If you are a serious distributor, we want to hear from you. Call us Toll-Free 1-888-271-5433 or +001(702)560-1309 outside the USA. Or you can email us right now for more information.


Email us now for more information!

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