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More Laundry System Testimonials From Real Life Users and Customers:

“Very surprising. Clothes very clean.” L.C.M. Ste-Martine, QC, Canada

“Surprised at no suds – Amazed at the clothes becoming clean. Love being able to leave the two laundry magnets in the washer. Thanks to you.” D.W. Chicago, IL

“It’s fantastic!” M.T. Christchurch, New Zealand

“Could not believe my eyes.” F.F. West Chester, PA

“My husband loves the fact that he uses them with no detergent and his clothes come out clean and with no smell. A hunter’s dream come true!” S.C. Lubbock, TX

…the word “miracle” is appropriate since the results were startling. Not only a successful wash with no detergent for the first time in my life but (did I imagine this?) I thought the results were cleaner than usual!…I have been rapturous in promoting your product to everyone I know. They are remarkable and very strongly appeal to my ecological nature.” K.H. Bristol, UK

“Coffee stained pants came out clean. Pants made with spandex came out “not stiff”. Hooray!” G.B.B. Westport, ON

“Excellent—I don’t understand why they are not used by everyone.” M.S. Cornwall, ON Canada

“Washed blanket on which a dog had urinated. Came out beautifully clean and smelled great.” K.L. Fircrest, WA

“Excellent. Appreciate for baby clothes washing.” S.J. Gatineau, PQ Canada

“I love the clean smell of the clothes and how it takes the left over soap out of the clothes!” M.B. Valley City, OH

“I like this product. No chemicals (and they) clean very good. Thank you.” T.F. Milwaukie, OR

“I used it to wash a pair of my husband’s work jeans and was delighted to see how clean they came.” C.S. Norwich, NY

“I love It! I’m very satisfied!” A.C. Levis, QC Canada

“Nice product. Unbelieveable.” S.P. Roseneath, Canada

“Am absolutely amazed at the results, very happy with my wash balls. ” B. & T. S. Toowoomba QLD Australia

“Noticable savings; clothes are clean smelling.” M.M. Felton, PA

“The laundry was perfectly clean and I was curious about the smell and that was surprisingly fresh!!” M. A.W. Kapellen, Belgium

“Very pleased. Saves money, cleans just fine!!” E.L. Wolfeboro, NH

“I am more than pleased with results. As a result, I am recommending it widely.”  J.M.S. Wurtulla, QLD Australia

“I have used the laundry balls and I was very happy, my clothes were clear and they hadn’t bad smell. Thank you.” M.G. Busto Arsizio, Valencia Italy

“I was very pleased. Clothes smelled fresh and felt soft.” S.G. Luna Pier, MI

“I am very pleased. I used it from March until now (note: almost 1 year) and the results are very good. My compliments for this product.” R.G. Limburg, Belgium

“Washed sheets and towels. Came out clean and smelled fresh.” S.L. Tacoma, WA

“I love the laundry ball–saves me lots of money–no longer need laundry soap.” M.C. Yuma, AZ

“Excellent.” K.J. Markham ON, Canada

“Extremely good result even at 30º Celsius” K.V. Parranquet, France

“They work as good as detergent.” A.R. Redwood Valley, CA

“I like it because it is easy to use and efficient. “ G.S. Windsor, SC

“Excellent! Saves money (and) hassles with detergent messes.” T.S. Bear Creek, PA

“This is great! No static when clothes came out of the dryer.” D.T. Havre de Grace, MD

“I washed 2 large loads of sheets…GOOD RESULTS. No different than when I used detergents and detergentboosters.” H.R. Ontario, Canada

“I’m very happy about it. Friends of (mine) are going to order it too!!” H.M. Belgium

“Great! Congratulations.” M.V.E. Groot-Bejgaarden, Belgium

“Blue spots came off on a pair of white shorts.” G.D. York, PA

“We like it, it works.” B.B. Harrisburg, PA

“Did very good work on laundry.” W.W. Denison, TX

“I was immediately impressed by the clean clothes. They were soft.” L.S.S. Victor Harbor, S.A. Australia

“Fabulous.” T.C. Waukegan, IL

“Very nice so far very soft clothes! No scent, yeah!” N.S. & K.A. Montreal QC, Canada

“Amazing! Excellent product!.” K.B. Milton ON, Canada

“OUTSTANDING!” J.A. Chandler, AZ

“Excellent. Saves a lot of water also.”  L.J. Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

“They really work–makes laundry fun.” K.C. West Boylston, MA

“Worked very well. At least as well as detergent.” J.H. Toronto ON, Canada

“Very impressed! Thank you! Fantastic!.” C.L. & P.I. Wolfville NS, Canada

“Awesome.” D.C. Roanoke, TX

“I’m cleaning soiled diapers & this works just as good as the environmentally friendly versions of detergent. It’s nice not to have to worry about baby’s skin..” M.L. Hanceville, AL

“Clothes smell clean and seem bright.” L.C. Montreal, QC Canada

“Excellent, couldn’t be happier” H.R. Windsor, Victoria Australia

“I didn’t use soap or fabric softener and my clothes were clean and soft after the wash.” S.Y. Grimsby ON, Canada

“Clothes softer, no detergent residue smell. Clean.” D.F. Toronto ON, Canada

“The washer balls does the job even in warm water.” G.G. London ON, Canada

“Initial experience -“encouraging”. Results -“Fantastic”” J.D.B. Pottspoint Sydney Australia

“Very easy to use, regular loads clean, soft feeling.” K.S. Toronto ON, Canada

“Works great. Love it.” D.S. Prescott Valley, AZ

“Laundry very clean. Congratulations!” G.I. Montreal, QC Canada

“Unbelievable product.” S.B. Menifee, AR

“Colours are brighter, removes old detergent residue.” D.W. Mississauga, ON Canada

“It does what it says. It does clean the clothes.” C.S. Phoenix, AZ

“Seems to work well. Cleans like soap would, but without soap.” P.Q. Rio Rancho, NM

“I was really surprised. Works very well! Easy to bring to the laundromat” R.C.H. Barboursville, WV

“It’s wonderful. Very good result!” B.M.C. Ovl, Belgium

“Excellent!” L.B. Bidwell, OH

“It’s a very good alternative to wash for people who care for nature” V.B.R.  Belgium


“Washed husband’s clothes after yardwork.  Was surprised they came out clean!” R.S. Warrior, AL

“Amazing! Doubted that it would work as well as it does.  Thanks, will pay for itself in a year.” D.M.S.  Harrisburg, PA

“Extremely pleased. It works exactly as claimed.” M.L.  Quebec, Canada

“Excellent!  I am very satisfied and have recommended this product to many people.” A.R.S.  Trucksville, PA

“I find it amazing.  Pleased how nice the wash is.” B.D. Sr.  Hancock, MD

“Fantastic!” I.S.N.  Naerbo, Norway

“I am amazed!  I don’t know why they work but they do.” R.K.  Morrilton, AR

“Very good impression”  V.C.  Leuven, Belgium

“Great I was surprised.” L.R.R.  Converse, IN

“Excellent” R.S. Fahens, TX

“Very Good!” B.S.  Hauge I D, Norway

“Exciting.  Up to now clean products and fresh!” G.L.  Bladel, Holland

“My experience and result is very good.” E.S.  Sperrebotn, Norway

“Works just as good or better than detergent.  Friends and family have shown interest also.” J.K. Middlebury, IN

“Amazed how it works!”  M.B. Ocala, FL

“Fantastic.  The clothes clean. The sheets soft.” D.P.  Kingsey Falls, Canada

“So far so good.  I’m pleased with the product.” M.B.P.  Mandal, Norway

“It’s clean, amazing, unbelievable” J.V.D.D.  Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Perfect! I put a really dirty apron in hot water.  Clean as a whistle.”

M.W. Miami, FL

“Very Good!” S.S.  Fevik, Norway

“My first laundry with it was the ultimate test: washable diapers!  They looked as new after.”  H.C.  Waterloo, Quebec

“It’s so easy to use & the clothes look clean & smell clean!!  Thank You!!”

C.N.  Oxford, WI

“We think it’s a great product, and give us great pleasure and very good results, and we save lots of money on it!!” G.S.N.  Figgjo, Norway

“The Life Miracle laundry system is really amazing it really does get your clothes clean!” J.W.B.  Chicago, IL

“Isn’t science wonderful – the system is amazing – I look forward to helping others solve health and financial challenges.” Y.B. Wallacetown, Ontario

“Impressed, clothes clean without soap.” M.M.  Kr. Sand, Norway

“The product worked beautifully!” C.D. Lemon Grove, LA

“Clothes look clean.  Hard to believe!” T.C.  Canton, OH

“We find the product very effective and fantastic!” S.M.H.  Kristiansand, Norway

“Seems no different than using regular detergent except there’s no soap suds left in the sink.” L.H.  Sidney, NY

“It’s a good product – we don’t use soap anymore.” A.B.J.  Sirevag, Norway

“It was great.  The clothes were just as clean as any other method of cleaning.” M.F.  Medford, MA

“I am very satisfied and happy to help the environment.” J.L.  Stittsville, Ontario

“Unbelievable product!” D.W.  Menifee,  AR

“Really have been surprised on how great it works!!!” A.R. Whitelaw, WI

“Very good experience.  Satisfied!!!” T.S.  AAlesund, Norway

“It makes laundry look and smell cleaner” M.M.  West Jordan, UT

“Very satisfied with not using chemicals.  I think everything is getting cleaner.” I.W.  Stavanger, Norway

“Very much satisfied.  Excellent product everybody should have it.”  J.C. Farmington, MO

“I was surprised – the clothes became clean and fresh and smoother.  Very Good!”  L.G.  Saltrod, Norway

“We are excited.  It was hard to believe that they work. This product will save tons of money.”  Mr. K.  Lynwood, IL

“Love them!” M.E.  Kitxhener, Ontario

“Took smell of deodorant out of uniforms.  Clothes are softer.” J.B. Ottawa, Ontario

“Totally cool!  I’m impressed.  Took out cat urine.”  M.B.  Wellington, OH

“Excellent results – even with very dirty clothes.” F.T. Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

“Really amazing! Clean clothes no static and saving the planet!”  Quebec, Canada

“I’ll admit I was doubtful at first, but your product ROCKS!”  S.H.  Toronto, Ontario

“The clothes were white & softer.  I’m impressed. “ J.E.M.  Del City, OK

“Tres-Bonne” D.G. St Apollinaire, Quebec

“Outstanding! No static, wrinkles hang out, no dryer sheet, it feels like velvet” C.S.  Wallace, WV

“I was amazed that my clothes smelled fresh & appeared clean.  I use the Laundry System every day.” S.M.  Goshen, OH

“We loved how it made our clothes feel soft & clean.  It was amazing how much old soap came out” G.F.  Binghamton, NY

“I love it!  Thank you to make my life easier, to protect the earth and to make me save money!” F.D.  Mascouche, Quebec

“My laundry is amazingly clean – even at 60 degrees C and while using the short program of the machine.”  B.M. E. I.  Diepenveen, Netherlands

“Very impressed – one more step towards a healthier environment.” G.C. Laval, Quebec

“I was amazed that the clothes came clean & also there was no static after drying” C.W.  Merrickville, Ontario

“Since we used this system, our clothes appear to come out as clean as before and we do not feel any allergies due to the detergent.” A.P.. Ste-Martine, Quebec

“Good results, very like it!” L.B.  Joliette, Canada

“So far so good, clothes are just as clean as using detergent.” N.B. Collegeville, PA

“I am very satisfied – and talk about it to my neighbors” M.V. Mascouche, Canada

“I Interesting concept.  However they work I like them.” I.W. Palos Park, IL

“It’s amazing!” R.M. Sherbrooke, Quebec

“I love it. This is my second set for my summer home.” B.R. Grennfield, IN

“My associate told me about them.  I tried them and I love them!” S.L. Morrilton, AR

“It’s a joy to clean without soap!” J.F.D.  Broment, Quebec

“We test them over and over again before we realized they really work.  My husband loves them.” A.H. Hanna

“It works wonderful.  No more chemicals” S.S. Juneau, WI

“Just great- thank you so much” LB Jocelyne

“After putting it in the washing machine with no soap the clothes came out as clean”  M.L. St.-Pierre Veronne Pike Rivei, Canada

“They work – I am a believer” A.H. Hattieville, AR

“Amazing – clean- like it a lot” York, PA

“It works perfectly” V.H.G.  Antwerp, Belgium

“Excellent product, very good , use them every day.” D.P. Sherbrooke, Quebec

“Super – very clean.” Quebec, Canada

“Easy to use, clothes very fluffy” M.S. Comanche, TX

“Fantastic!” S.B.W.  Bailey, NC

“Very satisfied.  My laundry still in great appearance after each cycle.” F.P.  Richelieu, Quebec

“I am very pleased with the result!!!” C & L Tongerlo, Belgium

“Fantastic, everything is clean” D.  Gistel, Belgium

“It’s a wonderful purchase.  I got a very good result and I don’t regret and will recommend to my friends.  And I save a lot of money!” M.D. Beauport, Canada

“Clothes are softer, real colour.” F.G. Lac St. Paul, Quebec

“Very satisfying” K.Z.  St Sophie, Canada

“Wonderful – Thank You.” G.A. Beloeil, Quebec

“I am satisfied, they really work” C.K. Hattieville, AR

“I am delighted. The amount of water is half less.” R.T. Honfleur, Quebec

“I am really satisfied” T.L. Laval, Canada

“So far, equivalent to using powder detergent”  L.K.  Mililani, HI

“Excellent – so easy – very impressed” D.G.  Temecula, CA

“Very satisfied! Clean clothes, no perfume smell, good for the environment.” E.I.J. Lomvassvn, Norway

“Fantastic, slipped and fell on grass, took out the grass stain completely.” L.M. Ottawa, Ontario

“I very pleased with the product.” R.E. Birkeland, Norway

“My clothes smelled good and came out good.” J.B. Brentwood, CA

“I am very satisfied with the product.” T.B.  Birkeland, Norway

“They work wonderfully” D.M.  Smallow Lake, Ontario

“Functions very well, no problems!” I.V. Notodden, Norway

“I was happy because it really worked.” A.J.CM.  DenHaag, Netherlands

“I found it to do just as the pamphlet said it would, have been well satisfied.” R.C.H. Barboursville, WV

“A Revolution!” E.S.S.  Gjengsto, Norway

“Cleaner Clothes.” K.H.  Mandal, Norway

“Phenomenal, give mea good feeling by being good to the environment.”

H.G.  Alesund, Norway

“Amazing concept” R.T. Hommersak, Norway

“It’s a pleasure doing the washing, I am very pleased!!” H.E.H.  Vennesla, Norway

“It’s very good for the environment and I like it.” B.C. Notre Dame du Mont Carmel, Canada

“Great, surprised me” R.M.  Albanel, Quebec

“Laundry gets soft, cleaner and I save money on soap.” V.S.  Naustdal, Norway

“I like it very much and no more soap to buy.” J.C.  Lac Au Saumon, Quebec

“Very good experience!” M.T.E.  Hjelmeland, Norway

“Love it! Please send me three more.” I.O.  Syosset, NY

“My washing was clean and soft.” M.Z. Westonana, South Africa

“I am very satisfied.” F.S.  Grimstad, Norway

“Magnets work great.” G.C.  Calgary, Alberta, Canada