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My Aunt’s Sticky Fingers

I love my aunt.

And my aunt loves to cook.

She likes to make meatloaf, with lots of ketchup.

I hate ketchup

So she makes it without ketchup.

She also loves to make chocolate chip cookies, with lots of almonds.

I hate almonds.

So she makes them without almonds.

She loves to make chicken cordon bleu, which is basically chicken stuffed with cheese.

Lots and lots of cheese.

I hate cheese, so . . . .

Well, you get the idea.

My aunt loves to cook.

And I love her cooking.

But while she loves to cook, she doesn’t love to clean.

And she has a tendency to touch everything when her hands are dirty.

And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

The other day she cooked at my house, and when she left there were chocolate chip cookie dough particles (without almonds) all over the place.

All over the counter.

All over the cabinet handles.

And, worst of all, all over my stainless steel refrigerator.

But, it wasn’t a big deal.

You know why?

Because I have the Nano Towels® Stainless.

The Nano Towels® Stainless removes streaks, smudges, and fingerprints from stainless steel and metal, using just water.

The Nano Towels® Stainless eliminates the need for toxic chemicals, allowing you to get a clean home without the health dangers.

The Nano Towels® Stainless is also perfect to clean the delicate screen of your phone or tablet, all without using damaging chemicals.

And the Nano Towels® Stainless SAVES YOU MONEY, because you don’t have to buy expensive cleaners and paper towels.

Reducing your environmental impact.

While keeping some dollars in your pocket.

So, what do you have to lose?

Expect the chocolate chip cookie dough batter smudged on your fridge. 😉

Thanks again!!