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Do You Ever Have Really, Really Weird Dreams?

Vat Are Vou Dreaming, Darlink?

For as long as recorded history, and probably long before, people have been obsessed with dreams.

The ancient Greeks viewed them as visions from the gods.

The Greeks thought that they could tell the future.

The success of future battles.

The rise or fall of nations.

Freud thought that dreams provided an insight into our unconscious.

For Freud, dreams were the result of two processes.

First, was the unconscious “wish” behind the dream.

Second, was a type of censorship, that distorted the wish.

So, we dream of something that we want but are ashamed to have.

More recently, Dr. J. Allan Hobson, a psychiatrist and longtime sleep researcher at Harvard, argued that dreams are a sort of “exercise” for our brains.

Dreaming for the brain is warming its circuits, anticipating the sights, the sounds, and the emotions of waking.

But what about really, really weird dreams?

What do THEY mean?

To be honest, I have a super weird dream.

One that I haven’t shared with anyone, before today.

And, I know exactly what it means.

So, what do I dream about?

Nano Towels®.

As far as the eye can see. 

Nano Towels® clean with ZERO toxic chemicals that can make your family, friends, and pets sick, and harm the environment.

Nano Towels® also not only eliminate those expensive cleaning products, but also the need to purchase expensive paper towels.

That saves you money.

And saving money is something that everyone dreams about. 😉

Thanks again!!


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Life Miracle.