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Your Cellphone Is Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat


This email contains a serious icky factor.

But it might just save your health.

The research is overwhelming.

Everyday items, including your keyboard and cellphone, contain more bacteria than a toilet seat.

The reasons are obvious.

Many people take their cellphone with them everywhere, including the dinner table, the doctor’s office and the bathroom.

You’ve never checked your phone on the toilet.

Have you?

Well, on average, Americans check their phones approximately 47 times per day.

That gives your 47 chances to move microbes from your phone to your body.

Why is that?

Because your cellphone is crawling with bacteria.

In a study from the University of Arizona, scientists determined cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

So, what is the solution?

You don’t want to use dangerous, smelly, expensive chemicals to clean your beloved cellphone.

One great way to clean your phone (or keyboard, etc.) is using white vinegar.

This article describes how.

And the best way to use white vinegar?

With the Nano Towels®.

Nano Towels® clean with ZERO toxic chemicals that can make your family, friends, and pets sick, and harm the environment.

Nano Towels® also not only eliminate those expensive cleaning products, but also the need to purchase expensive paper towels.

That saves you money.

And eliminates the ickiness from your beloved cellphone.

Thanks again!!


– Brought to you by

Life Miracle.