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Wrinkles On Your Face? Or In Your Head?

Are These The Wrinkles That Mike Was Talking About?

Michel de Montaigne, a famous French Philosopher, said, “Old age puts more wrinkles in our minds than on our faces.”

I don’t know about ol’ Mike, but my face is getting more wrinkled as I get older.

I guess what the French fellow is trying to say is that a lot of aging is in our heads.

Our attitude can affect a lot of how we feel.

You’re only as old as you feel.

All that stuff.

All of which is certainly truth.

A positive attitude can go a long way towards keeping us healthy and sane.

And a positive attitude can be useful for other things.

As the late, great Zig Ziggler said, “A positive attitude won’t get you ANYTHING. But it will get you EVERYTHING, that a negative attitude will not.”

But I would guess that both Mike and Zig would agree that aging is more than just in our heads.

It is also physical.

And what our bodies tell us can different from what our minds tell us.

We need to keep ourselves healthy on the outside, not just with positive thinking.

Good nutrition is the key.

Good nutrition means that you get your baseline of vitamins and minerals every day.

And LiquiVive® Liquid Vitamins provides that.

LiquiVive® Liquid Vitamins contains over 100 total nutrients, in one easy to swallow form.

That means that you can take one fluid ounce of LiquiVive® Liquid Vitamins.

Instead of having to swallow a quarter of a bottle of multi-vitamin horse pills.

And, unlike most supplements which are synthetic, LiquiVive® Liquid Vitamins comes from an all-natural 100% vegetarian whole food plant source.

It tastes fantastic, and because of its liquid form, is much easier to take than pills.

And that is something that even a French Philosopher could agree with.  😉

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